Token Economics


Total & Circulating supply (excl. inflation): 372.622.890
*The majority of these coins were vested (locked) until October 28th 2022 13:00 UTC, please navigate to the next chapter below to read more.
**This wallet contained 57.324.341 BCNA before, but the team decided to burn 25 million during the transition to Cosmos, announced here.
    244.757.980 coins (distributed throughout investors)
For details about inflation, please see Chain Parameters.

Vesting (73.5M locked)

To read more about the vesting of the team coins, read this blog post.
​Vesting address (~40 million BCNA vested until October 28th 2022 13:00 UTC)
​Vesting address (~33.5 million vested until October 28th 2022 13:00 UTC)
100% of the team coins are vested (the coins are simply still sitting in the team wallet address due to previous unbonding state). We will send the 32.324.341 coins allocated to the team wallet after the unbonding period expires (November 3rd 2021) to the business development and marketing address, to rebalance the wallets.


BitCanna will delegate coins to parties that contribute significantly to the growth of the BitCanna network as described in our Professional Validator Program.
NOTE: During the initial phase of the network, BitCanna will delegate 30M (3 x 10M) coins to its three core validators (network inflation is disabled so no rewards will be earned by BitCanna) to take control of the network and prevent hijacking of the network. Once the network is stabilised and diversified with a strong set of validators, BitCanna will undelegate these coins from its core validators to rebalance the network. You can track the delegations below.
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