BitCanna will provide a decentralized payment network and supply chain for the legal cannabis industry. On this website, you'll currently find everything related to our blockchain network.


The global cannabis industry and related businesses continue to face regulatory restrictions, despite rapidly emerging legal markets and widespread acceptance of medical and recreational cannabis.

Although progress has been made in updating the stereotypical image of cannabis consumers, the products, and the industry, significant gate-keeping remains. Organisations from banks to credit card companies, payment providers, and even review platforms are declining a legitimate and thriving industry.

BitCanna Pay

Offering customers and organisations a secure, all-inclusive payment system, BitCanna Pay cuts out the middlemen. We’re transitioning responsibility away from banks to the end-consumer, all thanks to BitCanna’s blockchain network.

Supply Chain - Quality and Legitimacy

Cannabis-related industries hold themselves to the highest standards on both their products and processes. Nevertheless their practices are often questioned by those on the outside.

The industry is ready to take the lead and show just the thing that sets them apart from the competition, which is the quality and origins of their products and their processes. Proving their legitimacy like any else. Doing so will leave no room for a shady image.

BitCanna Trail

Serving as proof of quality and legitimacy, BitCanna Trail records a product’s origins, handlers and production process. At every link in the supply chain, data is automatically submitted to the BitCanna blockchain. By using decentralised blockchain technology, an always-available database offers complete transparency and is unchangeable by any party involved.

Trust and Reputation

Cannabis-related businesses are regularly denied access to traditional review platforms. Combined with the growing issue of fake reviews, today’s businesses need an alternative solution that doesn’t inhibit a company’s credibility or review integrity.

BitCanna Trust

The BitCanna network serves as an all-inclusive platform for honest and legitimate reviews. Every order completed with BCNA coins has its transaction details, in so-called ‘hashes’, submitted to the BitCanna blockchain. Using this unique hash, consumers can verify their purchase and its origins in the supply chain.

This unique hash means consumers can write honest, genuine reviews on products or services they actually use.

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