BitCanna provides a decentralized payment network and supply chain for the legal cannabis industry, utilizing the BCNA coin. On this website, you'll currently find everything related to our testnet.

Our move to Cosmos

Our current blockchain operates on a custom-built version of BTC/DASH technology, which initially worked very well as a payment network. However, this technology was released over a decade ago (2009), and although we’re delighted with how it’s performed, blockchain tech has come a long way since.
As the blockchain world gained attention, better alternatives entered the space. With that in mind, we’ve decided to improve our blockchain technology to a better, faster, and ultimately more modern version—Cosmos.
Cosmos will improve the infrastructure of BitCanna, the transfer of BCNA coins, and, eventually, help us build a highly efficient supply chain layer and trust network. Given the limitations of previous technology, Cosmos is the right upgrade for the BitCanna network and its community.
The current BitCanna network boasts over 83 masternodes, and we find it important to provide everyone (current and new investors) a chance to become a validator in our new Cosmos-based blockchain. This is why we have decided to run an extensive testnet program.
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