Unlocking Innovation with BitCanna's GROW Program

At BitCanna, we're excited to introduce our latest initiative, the GROW Program, a project incubator aimed at attracting and rewarding the best talents within our network. This program is focused on enhancing two key areas: Marketing & Community, and front/backend Project Development.

Marketing and Community GROW Program

In the Marketing and Community sphere, we're looking for creatives who can help us take BitCanna to the next level. Whether it's devising innovative marketing strategies or cultivating an active community of supporters, we're on the hunt for individuals who embody our values and can help us increase our global visibility.

Development GROW program

Simultaneously, we're seeking programming wizards who can develop front-end web3-based projects that utilize our blockchain and enhance the user experience for our community. We're also looking for innovative trailblazers who can design and develop pioneering backend projects that underscore the capabilities of our technology and improve its functionality and security

But that's not all. Having completed our previous roadmap, which focused on online payments with cryptocurrencies, the GROW Program now seeks to reward projects and individuals that align with our new objectives:

  • Utilize our Buddheads NFTs in innovative ways

  • Connect with cannabis user communities, whether or not they involve cryptocurrencies

  • Contribute to improving our token economy (Tokenomics)

  • Promote the visibility and adoption of our upcoming game

If you've got a bright idea that aligns with our vision, we encourage you to apply. Don't miss your chance to join our community and contribute to the growth of the BitCanna ecosystem.

Ready to get started? Fill out our application form now:

  • Marketing GROW program: https://forms.gle/wryzVmCxe6r3QLFH7

  • Development GROW program: https://forms.gle/K3LMX3XEXmiPGCms5

Let's GROW together!

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