Chain Parameters


Don't know how inflation parameters work? This article explains it for Cosmos' blockchain.
    Inflation initial = 2.8% per year
    Inflation minimum = 2.8%
    Inflation maximum = 10%
    Inflation change rate = 10%
    Bonded goal = 67%
Inflation is infinite until decided otherwise by on-chain governance. This means that the larger your stake is in the BitCanna network, the more say you have in changing the chain parameters by voting. This is a big change in regards to our previous network; 420M is practically no longer the MAX supply, but theoretically could be as a result of on-chain voting.


Don’t know what staking is? Head here.
    Unbonding time = 14 days
    Max validators = 100
    Gas price = 0.001ubcna*
*Don't know what ubcna is? Read all about it here.


Don’t know what slashing is? Head here.
    Jailing after failing to sign blocks for consecutively = 24 hours
    Balance slashing for downtime = 0.5%
    Balance slashing for double signing = 5%
    Jail duration = 600 seconds
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