Payment status

Once an order has been created, the order will have an associated payment status. Below we'll explain each status, and visualize the payment flow.

Payment StatusDescription


Payment validated on the blockchain and successfully received


Payment detected on the blockchain but not yet processed

Pending payment

Order created, awaiting payment


Payment request cancelled. Time limit (1 hour) reached, and/or payment differed from what was expected


Refund transaction validated on the blockchain and successfully broadcasted


Payment unsuccessful and/or differed

Payment Flow

  • A consumer selects the products in a webshop and decides to pay with a Cosmos-SDK based cryptocurrency.

  • The consumer selects one of the enabled cryptocurrencies.

  • The plugin fetches the conversion rate from the price of the products and the value of the selected cryptocurrency. The conversion is automatically made and the required amount to pay is shown.

  • If the consumer decides to use Keplr Wallet, the plugin automatically fills the destination wallet address for the funds. The memo and the amount will be automatically added as well, these are needed to to recognize the right transaction on the blockchain.

  • For a manual transaction the consumer has to manually copy the destination wallet address, memo and amount to the desired wallet and do the transaction from there

  • If the transaction has been broadcasted on the blockchain, the plugin will monitor the blockchain for the transaction. For a payment to be picked up. the address, amount and memo have to match. If the transaction is approved, it is shown to the consumer and the order is successfully paid for.

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