Phase 0: Internal Testnet (Completed)
On this page we expand on the progress we have made during the internal testing phase.
Last few months, BitCanna has established a presence in several Cosmos testnets, including Regen Network, Microtick, Akash-Big Bang, Band Protocol, Agoric, Althea, and Game of Zones.
Thanks to this, both our developer team and operating team have gained significant experience and established multiple social relations with parties active in the Cosmos ecosystem. As a result, this has greatly benefited our internal testnet.

Phase 0 - internal (1 month) v.0.39 (Launchpad) Cosmos SDK

In phase 0, we decided whether to develop on Launchpad or Stargate, with Stargate being very new and hardly any available tools.
The performance tests and the impossibility of dealing with IBC encouraged us to abandon the LaunchPad version (although more stable at the time), and thus we made a definitive move to Stargate. During phase 0, we also started to teach the BitCanna employees and admins about Cosmos internally.

Phase 0a - internal (4 months) v.40 (Stargate) Cosmos SDK

After moving to Stargate, we started testing all the fundamental aspects of the new version and left the more advanced and new features for later. We encountered several problems due to the lack of development in the community, but this soon changed.
An overview of what we have accomplished:
  • Learned about Cosmos and taught our employees and admins
  • Wrote (technical) documentation
  • Applied updates, managed events, and errors, etc.
  • Tested Governance
  • Ran community (free) explorers and added customizations
  • Ran community (free) wallets and added customizations
  • Developed the swap system (from our current chain to Cosmos)

Phase 0b - internal (2 months) v.0.42.4 (Stargate) Cosmos SDK

At phase 0b, we tested the more advanced and new features of the Stargate functionalities. We also started to develop our products and services such as wallets, API, etc.
BitCanna Wallet (Lunie Next Generation)
  • Wrote more (technical) documentation and guides
  • Updates and upgrades driven by governance
  • IBC tests with other Testnets (Microtick Testnet, custom testnets)
  • Deployed a security infrastructure with several Sentry nodes to protect BitCanna investors and BitCanna Core Network
  • Deployed the release candidate of the BitCanna Wallet (we collaborated with Tendermint to develop the Lunie Next Generation wallet)
  • Stress testing
  • Tested the swap system (from our current chain to Cosmos)
BitCanna Explorer (Big Dipper)

What's next?